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 I am an adventure elopement photographer! Since I picked up my camera and pack at 16 I knew photography was my passion. Photography was my dream job since before I started undergrad.

After shooting my first wedding at 18, I was filled with emotions because it was a small intimate wedding. The love that filled the atmosphere was very similar to how I felt at 16 in the rockies. Myself, my camera, a group of very empathic, loving, and kind people. Once I mixed the two, I knew that was the sweet spot. The spot that stole my heart. 

When I'm not behind the camera or at my desk, I’m typically trying something new, weightlifting, tending to plants, and exploring everywhere. I find myself most present in the presences of nature. 

Hello There!
I'm abigail!

Abigail shot by Dana Estes

photographer- adventurer-researcher

Let's be besties!

You can imagine that after graduating with my Master's degree and quitting my job most people were a little shocked. The people I was closest to knew it was only a matter of time before I would decide to chase my dream. All of my life leading up to that moment, I was living to please others. I did what I was "supposed" to do and followed the traditional path to a stable career. The traditional way isn't really my cup of tea. I am a creative and so much more. I was dying to feel that spark through my daily work.

So I graduated.
Then, I quit my job.
I had never felt more alive! 

here are A few things you should know about your colorado elopement photographer...

I was born-and-raised in Dallas, Texas. My first trip to Colorado was when I was 8. I have been in awe with Colorado ever since then.

The first time I put my camera to use was on my first hiking trek in 2016. From then on I knew my dream was to be a photographer.

I love learning! - I believe knowledge is the key to success. Learning about new cultures and perspectives is one of my favorite parts to life.

I believe taking care of your mind, body, and soul is so important! I am conscious about what I consume mentally and physically. 





I absolutely adore my dog! She's a frenchie that loves hiking... as long as I can hike with her on my back. 


Abigail shot by Dana Estes

Fun facts

I have a bucket list of places to visit and shoot at in and out of the US! Let's go adventure somewhere together!


Core Values










work with me

Specifically: how I can help you dream it, live it, and document it.
Let's create precious memories filled with meaningful connection.

Now that you know my story, let's talk about yours.

We were worried about being awkward in front of the camera, but she made us feel so comfortable! Abigail was absolutely amazing to work with and we are over the moon in love with her work.

She made us feel so comfortable!

Troy + Victoria