Best Places to Elope in Colorado

You decided you want to elope and now you need to figure out where! How exciting! Here’s a list of best places to elope in Colorado. Colorado is an elopement dreamland, it offers various locations for couples to celebrate their love with stunning beauty. Each season offers different scenery and activities, making it a versatile destination. If you’re planning an intimate ceremony of 15-20 people certain locations may or may not be able accommodate. There are so many things to consider about each location, that is why I provide my clients with location exclusive guides that are filled with all the information they need for their elopement location. Let’s jump in and talk about the best places to elope in Colorado!

Best Places to Elope in Colorado - Garden of the Gods Elopement

Spring: March to May

  • Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs: Spring blooms, mild weather, and the charming red rock formations make it a beautiful, vibrant spot. Although Garden of the Gods is great in the spring it’s also a great location for the fall! These time frames avoid the summertime crowds and the rough winter weather! Getting married at Garden of the Gods is a dream without any added costs or the need for a special use wedding permit. All you’ll require is your marriage license $30, your closest circle, an officiant or you can self-solemnize, and a whole lot of love to create a beautiful ceremony!
  • Rocky Mountain National Park: Witness the park’s wildlife awakening, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant flora as the snow recedes. It’s perfect for couples who love the blooming scenery. This park is best for a just us elopement or a micro wedding that doesn’t care for decorations or seating as the park doesn’t allow for that. The special Use permit here is $300. You can find more information about ceremonies on their website here. They have specific ceremony locations so make sure to look into that if you think this is the place for you.
Best Places to Elope in Colorado - Great Sand Dunes National Park Elopement Photographer

Summer: June to August

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park: This is the time for sandboarding or wandering in the dunes, as the sun-kissed sands offer a warm and picturesque setting. To elope at Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, simply obtain a special use permit through the National Park Service. The permit encompasses a 2-hour ceremony followed by photos taken within the park, without necessitating additional permits for photographers or officiants. This enchanting spot is optimal for elopements and intimate gatherings of less than 15 individuals. Larger weddings are confined to hosting the ceremony at the amphitheater, yet the dunes offer a more picturesque setting that undoubtedly captures the essence of the celebration. You can always have a dinner at your airbnb after!
  • Maroon Bells, Aspen: The iconic Maroon Bells offers undeniably breathtaking views. Summer showcases beautiful alpine meadows and plenty of opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities. The Maroon Bells Amphitheater typically commences its season around Memorial Day weekend and concludes during the first weekend of October. Reservations for the amphitheater open precisely one year in advance and can be made directly through Colorado’s summer may bring afternoon thunderstorms, but these usually pass swiftly. To mitigate the risk of rain on your special day, consider a morning or early afternoon ceremony. Sunrise holds a distinct charm with the enchanting alpenglow painting the mountains in shades of pink and orange. Although this time of day is popular among nature photographers on the lake’s shore, having a reservation at the amphitheater allows you to relish the same stunning light without any extra background activity. You can make a reservation directly from

Fall: September to November

  • San Juan Mountains: Obviously the foliage transition brings incredible golden hues and is an absolute feast for the eyes. It’s perfect for a serene and colorful autumn elopement. The San Juan Mountains near Silverton, Ouray, and Telluride present numerous stunning elopement spots. For detailed information on where to elope in the San Juan Mountains, take a look at our guide! I propose holding your ceremony on public mountain land and subsequently formalizing your marriage license. In Colorado, self-uniting for marriage negates the need for an officiant or witnesses for signing the license—see more about marriage licenses below! Consider September or early October date for your San Juan Mountains elopement if you adore the autumn season. The Silverton, Ouray, and Telluride locales radiate an enchanting beauty during this time, adorned with vibrant views. While evergreen trees abound, the landscape features stunning aspen trees with yellow and orange leaves, magnifying the scenic allure. With an experienced elopement photographer (that’s me!), discovering the ideal location and the best time to exchange vows becomes an easier endeavor.
  • Aspen/Snowmass: Vibrant golden aspens turn the landscapes into a breathtaking tapestry of colors. An excellent time for foliage-based elopements and rustic, autumnal vibes. Best time to visit would be when the ski resorts usually kick off their season in late November. The prime time for skiing conditions are from January to March. For hiking, mountain biking, and other summer outdoor activities in Aspen, mid-June through August is ideal. In contrast to other mountain towns that ease off in September, Aspen maintains its vibrant energy, especially known for its stunning aspen leaves changing colors. Witnessing the autumn foliage is a delight, although it might accompany heavier traffic and increased tourism. By early October, snowfall becomes a possibility. The period I’d suggest avoiding is mud season, spanning from April to mid-May. During this time, ski resorts typically close, and the town gears down before summer. However, if your goal is to evade the tourist rush, this might be an excellent time to visit. Notably, while there are several renowned locations, I recommend considering more secluded sites like what I offer in your client exclusive location guide.

Winter: December to February

  • Telluride: A winter wonderland ideal for couples looking for a snow-covered adventure. The town’s Victorian architecture and mountainous backdrop offer a cozy setting. It’s an incredibly picturesque ski town nestled within the San Juan Mountains in western CO. (The San Juans are a part of the larger Rocky Mountain range.) If you’re enamored by a mix of opulence and outdoor adventures, Telluride is the ultimate spot for an elopement. Although renowned as an affluent ski haven, its appeal extends beyond that. Snuggled in a scenic canyon, Telluride offers extensive hiking, mountain biking, off-road trails, and private chef experiences! Its popularity for weddings becomes evident through stunning photos capturing the town’s charm. The vast Telluride Ski Resort (“TelSki”) has consistently earned the title of the #1 ski resort in North America for six consecutive years. If you opt for a winter elopement, a visit to this resort makes for an outstanding honeymoon activity. The free gondola connects downtown with Mountain Village, the heart of TelSki and a significant lodging area. Telluride’s autumn showcases unparalleled fall colors, offering a remarkable experience among the majestic Aspen trees. Acquiring a marriage license in San Miguel County is relatively straightforward. The cost is $30, and you can obtain the license on the same day as your ceremony. You can have your dog can even “sign” their paw print as a fun witness (anywhere in Colorado)!
  • Steamboat Springs: Experience a winter wonderland with snowy landscapes and hot springs. This is perfect for couples who adore winter activities. Steamboat Springs is located in the Yampa Valley in northern Colorado. The town is famed for its ski resort and natural hot springs. Yampa Valley Regional Airport (HDN) provides direct flights on United year-round and on various other airlines during the ski season. If you’re driving from Denver International Airport, it’s a three-hour trip to Steamboat. (If you’re driving in winter, ensure your vehicle is equipped with 4WD and top-quality snow tires—it’s crucial!) Enjoy Steamboat Springs from January to March for top-notch skiing or in July and August for summer activities. September sees a slight drop in tourism and is an excellent time for hiking. However, by early October, there’s a chance of snow. I usually steer clear during the mud season (April-May) when the resort closes, and the town gears down before summer. However, it’s an excellent time if you prefer fewer tourists.

That’s All Folks!

Overall, eloping in Colorado offers an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re chasing the sun-kissed sands of the Great Sand Dunes or marveling at the vibrant foliage in the San Juan Mountains, each season presents its unique beauty. From outdoor adventures to intimate ceremonies against breathtaking backdrops, Colorado obviously serves as the best place for your love story. Colorado is certainly full of scenic views and elopement day activities.

Remember, each location holds its own charm and correspondingly its own ideal season. It’s important to consider what speaks to you both as a couple and aligns with your vision for this significant day. From the serene and stunning winter settings to the lively and vivid summer landscapes, Colorado is ready to be the backdrop of your joyous celebration. Let’s start planning your elopement today!

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