Eco-Friendly Weddings: How to Plan a Sustainable Elopement

As you dream of your elopement day I am sure you may be wondering how you can make your elopement day sustainable. This blog post will guide couples through the process of planning an environmentally conscious elopement, highlighting how to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their special day. It will focus on practical tips for reducing the footprint of their celebration without compromising on style or sentiment. Looking for tips on living a sustainable lifestyle? Check out my Eco-friendly Living post.

Sustainable Elopement

Sustainable Elopement Venue and Details:

When it comes to choosing a sustainable venue for your wedding, prioritizing green practices can make a significant difference in reducing your environmental impact. Opting for venues like botanical gardens, eco-resorts, or national parks not only shows natural beauty but also supports organizations committed to conservation efforts. These venues often have built-in eco-friendly practices, such as energy-efficient facilities, waste reduction programs, and sustainable landscaping. Additionally, selecting venues with ample outdoor space can minimize the need for additional decorations and lighting, further reducing resource consumption. A sustainable elopement can use resources as needed so that others can experience the beauty. If you’re looking for a national park in Colorado my suggestion is the Great Sand Dunes! There are tons of great locations to choose from in Colorado and we can chat all about it!

Turning to eco-friendly invitations and stationery is another crucial step in planning a sustainable wedding. By embracing digital invitations or using recycled paper products and soy-based inks for physical invites, couples can significantly reduce paper waste and environmental footprint.By prioritizing eco-friendly options for venue selection and invitations, couples can kickstart their wedding planning journey on an environmentally conscious note, setting the tone for a celebration that respects both nature and love. If you’re wanting stationary you could also opt for 1 announcement card and having your photographer photograph your details so that you can announce your elopement online. This is the perfect way to have sustainable stationary without a large impact.

Sustainable Elopement

Sustainable Elopement Florals and Catering:

When it comes to decor and floral arrangements, couples can embrace sustainability by incorporating locally-sourced flowers, potted plants, and eco-friendly materials. Opting for locally-sourced blooms not only supports local growers but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Couples can also consider using potted plants as centerpieces or ceremony decorations, which can be repurposed or gifted after the event, adding a sustainable touch to the celebration. Sustainable decor materials such as bamboo, recycled glass, and biodegradable items offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional decorations, adding natural beauty while minimizing environmental impact.

Similarly, when it comes to catering, choosing vendors who prioritize local, organic ingredients can significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with food production and transportation. Couples can further promote sustainability by working with caterers to minimize food waste through careful planning and portion control, as well as donating leftovers to local food banks or shelters. By incorporating these eco-friendly practices into their wedding planning, couples can create a celebration that not only reflects their love but also respects and protects the planet. If you just absolutely love lavender you could also consider eloping at Los Miramontes Lavender Farm!

Sustainable Elopement

Low impact transportation, high impact attire:

When planning an eco-friendly wedding, green wedding attire is a significant consideration. Couples can opt for dresses made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, or silk, which are less harmful to the environment. Vintage or second-hand gowns are not only stylish but also reduce the demand for new materials and promote recycling. Additionally, selecting ethical jewelry brands that use recycled metals and responsibly sourced gemstones ensures that your wedding accessories align with your sustainability values. For transportation, reducing carbon emissions is crucial. Encouraging guests to carpool can significantly decrease the number of vehicles on the road, and for venues that are within walking distance, promoting walking to the ceremony location can further reduce the environmental impact. These choices contribute to a greener wedding celebration and reflect a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Elopement and it’s Relation to Leave No Trace:

When eloping in nature, practicing Leave No Trace principles is essential to preserving the environment for future generations. Staying on designated trails helps protect fragile ecosystems and prevents soil erosion, ensuring that natural habitats remain undisturbed. It’s important to avoid picking plants or disturbing wildlife, as even small actions can have significant impacts on local biodiversity. Additionally, pack out all trash and belongings to keep the area clean and pristine. By adhering to these guidelines, couples can enjoy their special day amidst nature’s beauty while minimizing their environmental footprint and setting an example of responsible outdoor ethics.


In conclusion, an eco-friendly wedding not only contributes positively to the planet but also offers a deeply meaningful and unique experience that showcases the couple’s commitment to sustainability. By thinking creatively and making environmentally conscious choices, such as selecting sustainable venues, attire, and catering options, couples can craft a celebration that truly reflects their values. This approach ensures that their special day is not only beautiful and memorable but also responsible and inspiring for all who attend. Embracing sustainability in wedding planning highlights the importance of protecting our environment while celebrating love in a way that honors both personal and global well-being. Having a sustainable elopement and following eco-friendly practices allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature longer.

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