Find the Perfect Elopement Dress: A Guide for Modern Brides

The era of limited bridal gown options is a thing of the past, especially as elopements gain popularity. Modern brides embarking on the elopement journey seek unique alternatives for their wedding attire, exploring options beyond the confines of traditional bridal stores. A growing trend sees brides venturing beyond conventional wedding dress choices, opting to transform any dress into their personalized “wedding dress.”

Now that you’ve chosen the path of elopement, the quest for the ideal wedding dress to complement your chosen elopement location begins. Let’s help you find the perfect elopement dress. This guide will walk you through the essential considerations as you embark on the search for the perfect elopement dress. From unconventional sources to customization trends, we’ll explore the avenues available for crafting a bridal look that resonates with the uniqueness of your elopement experience.

San Juan Mountain LGBTQ+ Colorado Elopement
Photo by Abigail Alexis featuring Emerald Bridal Lounge Wedding Dress

What Defines an Elopement Dress?

This is a common question many brides have. Is there really a difference between a wedding dress and the ultimate elopement dress?

Guess what? Every wedding dress can totally be an elopement dress! The beautiful dress pictured above is from Emerald Bridal Boutique, and although its more of a traditional formal dress, it’s perfect for an elopement! It’s all about what wild and wonderful things you’ve got planned for your adventurous elopement. Picture this: if your plan involves hiking, sprinting, leaping, and a whole lot more, not every wedding dress will cut it as the superhero cape of elopement dresses. If you have you heart set on a dress that doesn’t suit that type of adventure consider changing into your dress at your ceremony location or if you’re brave get your dress a little dirty! Getting your dress a little dirty could just be apart of your elopement story. Despite what others might say about getting your dress a little dirty of your elopement day, I would say it’s fun and memorable.

Your elopement dress is one that lets you groove, move, and maybe even get a smidge dirty during your elopement adventure. It’s the kind of dress that’s in sync with the vibe of your elopement, even if it means a bit of hemline dust. Finally, let’s find that perfect elopement dress together!

Colorado Elopement
Photo by Abigail Alexis featuring Emerald Bridal Lounge Wedding Dress

Navigating the Elopement Dress Wonderland: 3 Key Tips

  1. Mobility, Packability, and Weight: Picture this: you, navigating a forest or summiting a majestic mountain for your elopement. The question arises—will your wedding dress be your co-adventurer on this journey, or will it wait patiently for you at the ceremony’s sacred ground? Don’t worry, packing a wedding dress is simple! Gently fold it into a garment bag, let love be your guide, and secure it gracefully to your backpack. Don’t forget about your bouquet. Strap it outside too! Comfort is key—whether you lean towards a traditional gown or one with a touch of adventure, avoid feeling restricted. The goal is to avoid feeling confined or weighed down by heavy layers on your special day.
  2. Dress Fabrics for Elopements: For the spirited couples unafraid of a little snowboarding or hiking, the stars of the fabric world are light and airy. Whether you’re navigating the online realm or dancing through in-person boutiques, consider chiffon, tulle, and organza—fabrics that let you breathe and effortlessly sway. If you crave a bit more opulence, heavier fabrics like silk and satin bring forth a beautiful play of shine and texture. Just be cautious with these in tropical elopements, as they may trap the warmth. Remember you can choose to go with whatever dress you’d like and just work around it! Ah, and then there’s lace—the darling of elopement dresses, a go-to for boho brides. Flowy, easy to pack, and resistant to wrinkles, lace is the champion for adventurous and boho brides.
  3. Elopement-Friendly Wedding Dress Styles:The traditional bridal shop—a realm often overwhelming, especially when planning traditional wedding. But not need to fear, as your elopement photographer and guide I help with all of that! Choosing a dress is an art, not a trial. For movement-friendly options, ditch mermaid and ballgown styles—opt for A-lines, Fit-and-Flares, or Two-Pieces. These styles not only ensure natural movement but also promise playful moments during those enchanting wedding portraits. Adventure awaits, and your dress should be ready to waltz with you under the stars, across meadows, and into the heart of your elopement story.
Colorado Elopement Bride

Elopement Dress Insight:

Here’s a little secret: your elopement dress doesn’t have to break the bank. While traditional wedding dresses often bear hefty price tags, I’m here to tell you that elopement dresses can be both stunning and budget-friendly. Yes, you heard it right.

Eloping is a declaration of love, an embrace of adventure, and intention. Your decision to embark on this unique journey should be celebrated, not only for the epic memories you’re bound to create but also for the authenticity to yourself. After all, you’re eloping because it’s what feels most like you- right? Obviously as your photographer and guide, I’ve scouted numerous places where you can uncover the elopement dress of your dreams.

Photo from Something New Boutique

Something New Boutique:

Something New Boutique is Local to Colorado Springs so if you want to do an engagement session and book your dress appointment for the same time it would be perfect. They are amazing and have so many different options! They also have tuxedo options! This dress specifically is super fun and allows for moment! Imagine yourself frolicking through a meadow on your day!

A&be bridal shop Elopement Dress
Photo from A&be Bridal Shop

A&be Bridal Shop:

This specific dress is Made With Love but sold at A&be Bridal. “Made with love is an australian wedding dress designer that packs a lot of sass in a no-fuss dress. made with love features wedding dress styles that are sexy yet also have elements of tradition, chic, and romance. made with love wedding dresses are the best wedding dress for the chic, romantic bride who wants to look just as sexy as they feels on their wedding day.” -A&be Bridal

Impressed by The Dress Elopement Dresses Colorado Springs
Photo from Impressed by The Dress

Impressed by The Dress:

Another Colorado Springs Bridal shop. Make the trip for fun dress shopping followed by adventurous engagement photos! They have largest selection of bohemian wedding dresses in the Colorado Springs area. Whether you are looking for classic, fairy-tale, elegant, couture, modest, or bohemian gown, their goal is to help you find a dress that suits not just your taste, but also your personality. At Impressed by the Dress they value the experience being centered on you!

The Altar Bridal Elopement Dress
Photo from The Altar Bridal

The Altar Bridal:

Located in Littleton, Colorado The Altar Bride has dresses starting at as low as $199. The Altar Bride is size inclusive and has dresses from size 0-34 with an alterations team ready to provide you with an exceptional experience. Imagine yourself in one of their beautiful dresses in the elopement location of your dreams!

Lia Stublla Elopement Dress
Photo from Lia Stublla

Lia Stublla:

A show stopped for sure! Lia Stublla is an Albanian wedding dress designer you need to look into. The dresses are absolutely stunning and if you are more of an editorial adventure bride this would probably be the dress you hike with to your ceremony location so that you don’t trip and fall. I am dying to shoot their dresses for an elopement in the Dolomites! Gosh that would be a dream!

Photo from CINQ


Running to the chapel in the Madelena. This Madelena mini is made of silk mesh. If you’re looking for a court short wedding dress this one is perfect!

“Cinq was created for the bride that connects on an emotional level to her gown, it’s not just the dress .. it’s a precious, fleeting moment in time.. it’s the feeling when she’s wearing it.. it’s the moment of reflection. The Cinq bride emanates a unique progressive nostalgia combining vintage silhouettes with modern details. Dressed in a garment that stands as an ode to the past poised for the future – detailed to cast a moment into memory, for her.”

CINQ has connects to the nostalgic bride on a different level. I can’t wait to shoot a CINQ elopement dress on super 8.

BindLe & Keep LGBTQ+ Bride
Photo from Bindle & Keep

Bindle & Keep:

Bindle & Keep is an inclusive space for brides who are wanting a suit for their special day! They have so many different fabrics to choose from. They value you and your experience so make sure you let them know what you love and why you love it so that they can help you find the perfect suit!

Top 5  Tips When Looking for Budget Wedding Dresses:

  1. Do your research. This tip is SUPER important when shopping for affordable dresses. This is still your wedding day, and you deserve to look amazing! We love reading website reviews and watching YouTube reviews. You might even be able to find your dream dress second hand!
  2. Online Shopping and try multiple ones at home! Retail shops are realizing how important online shopping is for brides. If you don’t love it, then easily return it!
  3. Sales and discount codes are your best friends. Shop sales during holidays! Pro-tip: search for white maxi dress instead of wedding dress.
  4. You don’t need to wear white if you don’t want to.
  5. Pick something that you will feel comfortable and love!

Stay Authentic to You.

I hope this blog helped you get some inspiration for your dream elopement dress and guides you in the right direction. If you found something out of your budget I want to remind you that you can find the perfect dress second hand! Go to a thrift store, shop on ebay, or facebook marketplace! On the other hand, if you can’t seem to find another dress that you connect to consider how important the dress is to you. You are eloping and saying your coin in so many other places. You deserve to wear what you connect most to on your special day. Just because your eloping, that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the fun of dress shopping! Book an appointment and have fun! Find more inspo on the blog!

Wishing you love, peace, and prosperity always,


 Photographing love and life for the past 7 years. My passion for elopements comes from the intimate memories and inspirational landscapes that we share our earth with. 
My goal as your photographer and guide is to provide you with all the essentials needed to elope. You and your partner deserve a stress-free experience surrounded by love and admiration from every direction in every moment of your special day. Your wedding day is an unforgettable day and it should be documented in a way that authentically serves you. 

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