How to Elope at Garden of the Gods

Eloping at Garden of the Gods in Colorado is an invitation to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature. This beautiful location is in Colorado Springs. It has other-worldly sandstone formations, creating a gorgeous backdrop for your elopement. Deciding to elope at the Garden of the Gods requires a thoughtful approach. Take time to get to know the park and consider collaborating with a seasoned elopement photographer (like me). Working with someone who knows how to capture the magic of this landscape with your personal story is important. The best part about eloping at Garden of the Gods is that currently, there’s no permit fee. Comparatively, most parks require $50-$300 permit fees.

Garden of the Gods offers six distinct areas, each with its own character. To ensure your choice aligns with your vision, here’s a closer look at each:

  1. Jaycee Plaza: Positioned just beyond the visitor’s center, this easily accessible spot provides openness and versatility for post-ceremony photography. With a limit of 50 people, it accommodates a more substantial gathering.
  2. Sentinel Plaza: For an intimate ceremony surrounded by stunning rock formations, Sentinel Plaza is an ideal choice. Its smaller size restricts attendance to 25 people, enhancing the sense of closeness.
  3. Three Graces Plaza: Seeking a dramatic backdrop for your vows? Look no further than the towering pillars of Three Graces Plaza. With a limit of 25 people, it’s an excellent option for a visually striking ceremony.
  4. High Point: If panoramic views are your preference, High Point offers expansive vistas of nearby mountains and rock formations. Keep in mind the play of shadows during midday. Additionally there is a cap of 50 people, it’s suitable for a slightly larger gathering.
  5. Scotsman Picnic Area & South Spring Canyon Area: Opt for these forested areas if you desire a setting farther from the iconic rock formations. Scotsman Picnic Area is limited to 25 people, and South Spring Canyon Area, with a cap of 50, offers diverse atmospheres, allowing for two distinct looks during your elopement.

As you consider the venue, think about the atmosphere you want to create. Garden of the Gods is a is an other-wordly place to tell your unique story. Whether you envision a “just us” ceremony or ceremony with your closest friends and family Garden of the Gods is perfect. Also, it’s okay to have a “just us” ceremony, you have every right to do so. You can always celebrate with friends and family after. Consider an Airbnb celebration after you say your vows or a happily ever after party a few weeks later.

Garden of the Gods Elopement

Exploring the Seasons

My favorite time for eloping at Garden of the Gods is late spring and early fall for the best temps. Spring, and fall in Colorado hold a special place in my heart as an elopement photographer. In autumn, the landscape transforms into a breathtaking canvas of warm hues. The golden aspens, set against the backdrop of majestic mountains, create a picturesque setting for couples to exchange vows. The crisp, cool air adds a touch of romance. The landscapes bathed in warm tones offer an enchanting backdrop for capturing the intimacy of elopements.

As winter bids farewell, spring graces Colorado with a burst of life. The emergence of vibrant wildflowers adds a pop of color to the surroundings. If you’re wanting a sea of wildflowers I would suggest you consider Crested Butte. The weather is mild, and the scent of blooming flowers infuses the air with freshness. Additionally, spring elopements in Colorado symbolize the beginning of their journey as a married couple.

Both seasons gift eloping couples with unique and contrasting experiences. Fall provides the warmth of colors, while spring brings forth the vibrancy of new beginnings. As a photographer capturing these moments, I find immense joy in preserving the distinct charm each season imparts to these intimate celebrations. Whether it’s the cozy embrace of autumn or the bloom of spring, these seasons echo the sentiments of love in every frame.

Garden of the Gods Elopement

Fall in Garden of the Gods (September-November)

Eloping at Garden of the Gods in the fall takes center stage from September to November. The weather during this period is comfortably cool, the air is refreshingly crisp. There isn’t a ton of foliage but you can find patches. Most fall foliage is in aspen or anywhere surrounded with Aspen trees. The trees nearby tend to stay green year-round. Though the red rock looks like it stays warm a sunset ceremony around this time of year might call for a layer or two. Overall, it’s an ideal time for a ceremony in this remarkable setting.

Winter in Garden of the Gods (December-April)

For winter enthusiasts who aren’t particularly fond of the freezing cold, Garden of the Gods is a dream winter elopement destination. Although it isn’t as cold as most parts of Colorado, there will definitely be snow! From December to April, the red rock formations become adorned with beautiful white snow, creating a magical scene. The best part? You won’t need to engage in winter sports to access this wonderland, and the reduced crowds mean you and your partner could have this enchanting place all to yourselves. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland, Colorado has many other options to offer.

Garden of the Gods Elopement

Spring in Garden of the Gods (May-June) Spring unveils Garden of the Gods in all its glory—lush greenery, striking red rocks, and a panoramic view of the Rockies. Every view is gorgeous. You cannot go wrong with Garden of the Gods. This season exudes an unparalleled level of magnificence. However, springtime weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, ranging from sunny days in the 70s to unexpected chilly, rainy snowstorms. Flexibility and a Plan B are advisable for a spring elopement to navigate the mother nature. Embracing the weather as long as it is safe to do so is also another option!

Summer in Garden of the Gods (July-August)

Embracing a summer elopement in Garden of the Gods requires a bit of preparation, given the heat characteristic of the season. While it might be warm, it shouldn’t be scorching hot during the day. It’s certainly not a deal-breaker for a summer ceremony. I would suggest staying hydrated and being aware that we are higher in elevation and closer to the sun. Being well prepared for a summer elopement at Garden of the Gods involves staying hydrated, sunscreen application, and strategic timing. You may want to opt for a sunrise or sunset ceremony to escape the peak heat of the day (again not that it gets too hot like Texas).

Garden of the Gods Elopement

Each season in Garden of the Gods offers a distinctive charm. It offers flexibility to choose the atmosphere that resonates most with your love story. Whether you’re captivated by the fall, enchanted by winter’s snowy serenity, drawn to the vibrancy of spring, or seeking the summer warmth, Garden of the Gods welcomes you. Next, you’re sure to start thinking of is what vendors you will have to help bring your vision to life! Colorado offers every season and if you’re interested in the Best Places to Elope in Colorado I’ve got you covered! There are so many elopement locations in Colorado and if you find yourself wanting a wintertime Colorado elopement, I have just what you’re looking for.

Garden of the Gods Elopement

Colorado Elopement Vendors

Elevate your elopement experience by assembling a dream team of Colorado-based elopement professionals. Vendors, including photographers (Hey, that’s me!) and specialists, are well-versed in all things Garden of the Gods, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable celebration. Obviously, as you photographer and guide I help you connect with experts to bring your dream day to life.

From crafting the perfect elopement package to understanding the unique considerations of Garden of the Gods, your chosen vendors will be your partners in creating a day that resonates with your vision. As a Colorado elopement photographer, I ensure all my couples have assistance with planning and curating the perfect day. Planning consists of vendor & lodging recommendations, permits & logistics, and documenting your special day.

So, whether you’re drawn to the other-worldly rock formations or the tranquility of forested areas, Garden of the Gods welcomes you to write the first chapter of your marital journey amidst its inspiring landscapes. As you start this adventure with your special partner, consider exploring our Colorado elopement packages for additional inspiration and location ideas.

Garden of the Gods Elopement

Your Garden of the Gods elopement is not just a ceremony; it’s a testament to your love story, framed by the natural wonders of Colorado. Your story deserves to be told in a way that feels authentic to you. Can you picture yourself having a slow start to your morning with your lover? Cooking breakfast together and enjoying a view of Pike’s Peak in your cozy cabin. Later on, you’d enjoy a nice picnic with a view of the Rockies. Each area within this captivating park offers a unique canvas for your vows, ensuring that your elopement is as distinctive as your love. So, let the journey begin, and may your Garden of the Gods elopement be nothing short of magical! Reach out and let’s start planning your Colorado Elopement today!

 Photographing love and life for the past 7 years. My passion for elopements comes from the intimate memories and inspirational landscapes that we share our earth with. 
My goal as your photographer and guide is to provide you with all the essentials needed to elope. You and your partner deserve a stress-free experience surrounded by love and admiration from every direction in every moment of your special day. Your wedding day is an unforgettable day and it should be documented in a way that authentically serves you. 

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